World's #1 Super Affiliate Reveals His Deepest Money-Making Secrets...






From: Ewen Chia


RE: Why traditional marketers, salesmen, and network marketers are dropping everything to focus on affiliate marketing...

To my most frustrated and overwhelmed friends,


I got a message yesterday that made me think of you...


It was from an old friend I coached years ago.


I’m happy to announce he’s doing extremely well right now with an Affiliate Marketing business that I helped him start.


(Actually, I kinda had to force him to take it - but I’ll get to that in a minute).


Seeing his letter made me happy - it was also frustrating...


Because you and I both know that the Internet should be a powerful way for ordinary folks to make money.


It should level the playing field.


It should be an escape hatch that protects you from layoffs, pay-cuts, and insulting wages.


Unfortunately, for the past three years…

Things have changed in ways I never saw coming.


It’s harder than ever to make a penny online unless you’re a Super Affiliate like me.


There’s more competition than ever, in every market you can imagine.


Traffic is getting more expensive for everyone except those at the top.


There are no “David and Goliath” stories anymore. We “Goliaths” have the game completely rigged against you and it’s not fair.


I can’t ignore this problem any more.


As much as I love being able to push a few buttons and dump thousands of dollars into my bank account - I can’t sit by and watch this happen to the digital marketing community.


And, I think I can do something about it, but I’ll need your word you’ll do exactly as I say when the time comes.


As you continue reading this letter...


Ask yourself if you’re really willing to do ANYTHING to change your financial destiny.


Because you will need to take one big step that isn’t easy for anyone…


...If you want to unlock the ability to print money on demand like my top students do every day.


If you do, I promise to completely transform the way you create wealth…Forever.



My name is Ewen Chia. I’ve been in this business for well over a decade.

You might know me from my international speaking and training business, or from the bestselling book I wrote called "How I Made My First Million On The Internet and How You Can Too!"



However, I haven't always been a "Internet hot shot" -

I started off like I'm sure you did - a little confused about how to make money online, and a little frustrated at my lack of knowledge…

Although hopeful that I could find a way to make a modest living for myself and my family.

Little did I know, the businesses I'd create would turn me into a millionaire over, and over again.

And allow me to travel the world giving speeches at symposiums, conferences, and seminars…



Coaching major companies on Internet Marketing strategies…



Yet there's one skill I've developed that completely blows everything else out of the water…

If I'd found out about affiliate marketing before I spent years building myself up the hard way, I would have enjoyed myself a lot more…

And I would have saved myself about a thousand headaches over the years…

The secrets I’m about to share with you turned me into “The World’s #1 Super Affiliate” - so as you read this letter from top to bottom, keep this in mind:


Here's what some industry experts have to say...


The methods I’m giving you aren’t a marketing “theory”.

This isn’t guesswork.

I’ve discovered all of this through almost 20 years of trial and error since I started on the internet in 1997.

So when you use this training, you’re skipping over all of the headaches, heartaches, and nightmares I had to go through to get where I am.

It wasn’t easy to make the decision to open up my Super Affiliate playbook like this.

These are the exact systems and secrets I rely on for successfully making millions online as a top-tier affiliate marketer.

Now, I’m not showing you the pics below to brag or boast...

I simply want to give you a few solid reasons to pay extremely close attention...




Throw it all out the window.


The rest of this letter will give you everything you need to know about me, what I do, how I’ve earned millions every year since 2005...

And how you can become a “Super Affiliate” while everyone else continues to struggle with the same predictable problems:


·    You won’t have to learn any tech stuff or fix broken websites

·    You won’t have to buy any traffic

·    You won’t even wonder where to find traffic

·    You won’t have to figure out what product to sell

·    You absolutely won’t get distracted or confused by the newest, shiniest marketing course or digital marketing tool. You’ll have a clear path to follow, for once


You may have noticed I’ve been the World’s #1 Super Affiliate, time after time, year after year.


Now, apart from the millions of dollars in commissions earned - I've also been topping affiliate contests and winning additional prizes for years...



And I worked hard to get there because of one simple truth...



And for over a decade, I've been the Internet's most trusted instructor in Affiliate Marketing.

My students have gone on to do incredible things - not because they're all lucky - but because they had a time-tested system to follow.

And you really do need a killer system to ensure success with affiliate marketing.

It's different from literally every other form of business.

Yet at it's core, it's the most simple business on Earth.

Want to know why?

Because you don't have to create a product…

Or go door to door or cold-call leads out of a call-center…

Or hire anyone, or fire anyone…

Or build a downline…

Want to know the big secret?

Want to know why I LOVE affiliate marketing?

All you do is recommend other people’s products online.

That’s it.

That’s the whole thing.

Simple right?

And you've seen affiliate marketing for years, even if you didn't know it.

When a blogger recommends a product on Amazon…9 times out of 10, they're using a special affiliate link so they can get a percentage of every sale they send over.

When a YouTuber or podcast host recommends a product, they use a special affiliate link to get credit for the sales they create, and they get paid promptly by the companies they send traffic to.

As an affiliate marketer, you're extremely important to the businesses you support.

That's because you know how to send them traffic - and traffic is the lifeblood of Internet based businesses.

Most business owners are clueless when it comes to driving traffic.

They think it's hard, they think it's complicated…

(We don't have to tell them that they're wrong, let's keep that to ourselves.)

And being a SUPER Affiliate is even better…

Super affiliates can send a whole lot more traffic than your average blogger or podcast host.

As a Super Affiliate, you'll have the power to drive tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in sales for any company you choose -

Which (as you'll see) not only allows you to cash in on a percentage of every sale…

It also gets you preferential treatment…


Business owners know that they have to keep their super affiliates happy…

So they send you gifts :-)

You can expect to find a nice little package waiting for you just about every time you check the mail - and not just the usual books and DVD's that people want you to review…

I've been given:

Frozen filet mignon steaks by the dozens...

Fine chocolates...

Toys for the kids...

Bottles of rare wines and liquors from around the world...

Cuban cigars (I won't tell if you don't!)...

Free product samples...

Video game systems...


And so much more, I can't even list them all.

It makes sense why companies love to find super affiliates.

We're like a guaranteed income stream for them.

You push a button on your end to open up the traffic streams, and they cash in (after they send you your commission check, of course :-)

The reason Affiliate marketing pays so well, is because every time someone buys a product that you recommended - you get a percentage of the sale.

And it doesn't take a fancy degree to be an affiliate marketer, because the whole game is just "Recommending" things to people online.

If you can update Facebook, you can be an affiliate and make a little money.

I can show you how I multiply that so that instead of just having one friend who will buy based on your recommendation, you can find thousands…

Think about this:

How often do you suggest a restaurant to your friends or co-workers?

Once a month?

Five times a year?

What if you got $20 every time they ate there, just because you recommended them first?

Now - forget restaurants and imagine how much money you’d have right now…

If you got a percentage of every sale you’ve already caused…

Every time you post a cool product on Facebook and one of your friends buys it…

Every time you recommend a book to someone and they pick it up…

Every time you talk about a great show on Netflix and someone starts a trial to check it out…

What if that was all you had to do…

To make more in one day than you’ve ever made in a month?

Most of the folks I meet who are struggling to make a living online…

They’re doing it the old way.

They make a product, set up a website, and spend money trying to get people to buy their “thing”.

That’s the most expensive way to make money I can imagine.

Think about it:

If you have a product, then you have to “spend money to make money”.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in an MLM, or if you make refrigerators, or if you sell an online course.

The bigger a “product” business grows, the more money they spend.

They pay out the nose for product, customer service employees, managers, shipping, storage, design…the list never ends.

For every dollar a “product” business makes, they have to give back at least $0.70.




When you’re a Super Affiliate, you can:


·    Hold your entire business in the palm of your hand. These days, I can make $10,000 in commissions with just my smartphone while I fly from Singapore to L.A. You know how much it costs me to make that $10,000 check? Maybe $1.50.

·    You can skip over ALL “tech stuff” - I mean, I’ll even give you a successful website. It may not look fancy - (but think about Google. It’s not flashy, and people love it, right?)

·    Get started in any new market immediately. One hour from now, you can be making sales in any market you want. You don’t have to cold-call, or talk to anyone, or even leave your house - just make a recommendation, and collect your winnings.

·    You can make money without EVER creating a product of your own. Why struggle to sell a new product...when you can wander into a market like golf, guitars, or gardening…and you get paid on day one!


Without a drop of hype, I can promise you that as a Super Affiliate you can decide today that you want to enter any market you want...


And by tomorrow you’ll be making sales and earning commissions from the hottest companies.


When people say “overnight success” - they don’t usually mean it.


I absolutely do.


Now you’re probably about ready to call my bluff.


I know this because I would have one burning question in my mind if I was in your shoes right now:


“If you’re really making money that easily, and that quickly - why would you tell anyone how to do it? Wouldn’t you make more money if you didn’t have new competition?”


And the answer is a very loud:




There are so many markets online right now, there’s no way I could possibly be in all of them.


And there’s new niches and markets opening up all the time.


For example, a few months ago, I started in a new niche I knew nothing about and started to siphon cash from it with my system which you'll soon learn about...



Now, even if you did start recommending products in the same markets I’m in, it wouldn’t affect me in the least.


In fact - there’s so much money and customers to go around, we could probably partner up and make even more together than either of us could on our own.


One of my best strategies for earning huge checks involves making friends with my so called “competition” - so we can team up and crush it together.


Actually - remember that message I got?


It was from a young man named Aaron. He and I have done some top-secret promotions in a market he’s in, and we both earned more by working together than we could have on our own.


Of course - he wasn’t always a Super Affiliate, and when I met him he was about as green as they come.


Aaron is a smart, hard working guy - back when I met him,  he and his wife were starting a family down in Panama.


I was coaching him - helping him get setup online as a favor to his dad...


He needed a website for his construction business…but he was intimidated by “tech stuff” and his dad knows I’m a “hot shot” on the Internet.


His dad and I have known each other for a long time, so I was happy to help out.


(I also loved the fact that “helping out” meant I had an excuse to travel from Singapore to Panama, and stay at a beautiful luxury resort on a beach near his house)...



“Hey man…sorry to call so late - I don’t know anybody around here yet and you’re the only person I could think of to call…can you meet me at the hospital?”


I didn’t ask any questions other than “Which hospital?” - then I got a cab right to him.


He met me out front - his shirt was singed, his hair was a mess, and he had soot all over his face and hands…


“I don’t know what happened…I  - I got home and - and - the house was smoking” he said…


It took a while to get the story out of him.




Aaron saw smoke, and ran inside the house to get his wife out - he found her unconscious on the bed in their room.


The smoke was thick and black, the curtains and the corner of their mattress were catching fire - the fire was starting to spread up the wall in waves...


He barely managed to make it out - the doctors said it’s a miracle he made it out alive, especially because he had to carry her the whole way.


“I thank God I got there in time…and that she’ll be ok...but…I don’t know what I’m going to do man…All of my equipment was in the garage! I used to have it all insured, but I fell behind on the payments - I’ve got NOTHING!”


I tried to comfort him, but it was no use.


I offered him money - he refused.


I offered to give him a job - he wouldn’t take it.


I understand that.


I am also stubborn, and I can’t stomach the idea of taking handouts.


So, I went back to the resort later that night.


He had finally fallen asleep by his wife’s side - and there wasn’t anything I could do for them other than rest up and come back in the morning.


When I arrived back in my suite I got ready for bed.


I laid there, trying to make myself sleep for over an hour before I got up, took a shower, and walked down to these beautiful arbors near a lagoon.


As I wandered around this luxury resort in my $400 sandals, with my $55,000 watch, I felt guilty that I had all this money and I couldn’t help.


I remember thinking:


“I could recommend just one or two products this week and make him $15-30k - I could give him what he needs to get back on his feet… ...but he’d never accept it...”


Then I had a bit of an epiphany...




I had been trying to think of a way to give Aaron money - when really I should have been helping him earn money like I do...


I knew I could help him sell other people’s products and make a lot more money (in a lot less time) than he would ever believe.


And he couldn’t object if I did…


Could he?


After all, he did ask me to build him a website...


So if I built one like mine…the ones I use to earn big commission checks from other companies...


He would have to accept that right?


I still had access to his email and details, so I got to work building him a completely turnkey super affiliate business...


I picked a market I knew he was interested in - and spent about an hour and a half plugging a few things together…


I built a simple, plain and kinda boring business - just like dozens of the ones I use...


I like simple, boring businesses because they work like nothing else.


And wouldn’t you know it, minutes after I turned it on, it was working like gangbusters.


Now, I did “cheat” a little bit.


I knew some tricks about getting traffic in that market (actually, I know tricks for getting traffic in almost every market because of a startup I’m building, but that’s another story)...


I set up his affiliate account so that it would send his money to his paypal address instantly.


And I sat there - hoping that I hadn’t crossed a line.


As the sun started coming up, I felt like I might be able to get some sleep.


Now, you know that feeling of deep sleep…


Where you don’t have a thought in your mind…


But your body feels so comfortable…


You feel so relaxed and content…


Well that’s what I was feeling when the phone rang only two hours later…


It was Aaron...

He was speaking so fast, I could barely understand him -


But I realized why he was so panicked after I shook off the drowsy haze of interrupted sleep…


He was confused and scared...


Asking me where this money came from, why some company halfway across the world was sending him all these weird deposits…


I explained everything.


Then he went quiet.


Then he hung up.


I tried calling back but he wouldn’t take my calls.


The next day - after a dozen missed calls and unanswered voicemails, I got the hint.


He was mad at me.


There wasn’t anything I could say or do to convince him that what I did wasn’t “charity”...


So I caught a flight to the US to visit some friends and fellow super affiliates at a seminar.


On the last day of the event, I got a call from Aaron.


To my surprise, he took another look at the business I made him...


He told me that the sales had continued to come in strong for a few days...


He made enough to replace most of his equipment and get a decent truck.


Then he paused…


“But...Ewen, what if I wanted to do what you do…Could you show me how to do that?”


I smiled, and said “of course” and bought a ticket back to Panama City.


For the next week, I coached him.


I walked him through every step, every click, every important detail.


I showed him how to get traffic…

How to build an email list to make even more money…


I gave him proven templates of mine…


And the proven emails that I use every year - because I know they drive so many sales every time I use them.


I tell you all of this because of that message I got from him yesterday.


He’s a Super Affiliate like me now, in a growing market...


Right now he’s the guy everyone wants to do business with, because they know he can drive so many sales for them...


Just like some of the other super affiliates I've personally coached...

And many, many more...


It’s a great position to be in.


When you’re a Super Affiliate, you have a lot of power.


You hold the keys to other companies success, because you can help them sell FAR more product than they can in a given day.


And really, that’s the problem if you have a product business.


If you have a product, but not enough customers, then you need people like me.


Without Super Affiliates, there are many businesses that would shrivel up and die.


Sure, they could pay for advertising (and hope it works).


But when you’re a Super Affiliate - you don’t need anything from anybody.




People send you free products...

They send you gifts, hoping to get your attention…


Sometimes, if they really need to make some sales, they’ll even send you a check before you’ve done anything for them, as a ‘bribe’ to help them out.


Want to hear the craziest thing?


From time to time, I earn 100% commissions.


That means the product owner isn’t making anything when I send them a customer.


In fact, they’re actually losing money on purpose, just because they know that the customers I send them will buy a lot more from them in the future.


It’s like giving up $100 in the hopes of making $300 in the next few years.


You might think it’s crazy, but that kind of thing is worth it to some companies.


Back to Aaron:


After I got to Panama to coach him, it was all so easy and fun to train him.

The coaching I gave Aaron was simple...


Point and click, copy & paste, go here, go there, click the “done” button, collect the checks.


And I’ve been thinking about it since he gave me that wonderful update yesterday...

He didn’t have to learn any new stuff - not really - I just had to show him some simple systems and give him some templates.


And now look at him!

He’s earning more than he could possibly make in construction - and he’s working less than I do! On top of that, he can’t lose this business like he lost his construction business.


It’s risk free.


Even if his phone and laptop were to explode…


All of his super affiliate businesses will still work - cranking out cold hard cash every day, and giving him the freedom to travel and take vacations with his wife whenever he wants to.


Which brings me to the big reason for writing you this letter...


Once you accept the fact that in today’s internet…


Making and selling products online is hard, risky, and time consuming...


And once you realize that being a Super Affiliate is simple, quick, and risk-free…


Then you’re ready for the biggest shift in mindset and wealth creation you’ll ever need to make.


And to help you make that transition easy and effective...





As I said, there’s a leap of faith you’re going to have to make.


And here it is:


I need you to do exactly as I say.


That means you can’t try to “improve” the templates I give you with new graphics or fancy coding. And you agree not to change the text of the emails I give you.


It means you won’t decide to do things in a different order, or take any shortcuts.


If you can agree to follow my directions exactly, then I’d be honored to be your coach and to help you create a Super Affiliate business.



Because then I can’t give you any kind of guarantee.


It’s my word to you…


That if you do exactly what I tell you to do -


If you follow every click I make, every “copy & paste” direction I give you…



Even better - I’m going to get you started immediately on the most crucial step…making real money online for once...



I’ll show you exact steps to take so that you don’t just get “some money” a few days from now…


You get paid for your work EVERY MONTH, over and over...


Here’s why that’s crucial:


Usually if you recommend a product and make some sales, you’ll get your commission check a few weeks later, and that’s that.


However it’s a lot easier to plan your life, your business and your vacations if you’ve got consistent income.


And I'll teach you how to achieve that. In fact...



For over a decade, the world's top affiliates have all trained under me to see phenomenal results.

And they all use my strategy because it just keeps working.

When you're your own boss, running your own affiliate marketing income stream, you are fully in control of how much money you make from day to day.

Want a raise?

Use my strategy.

It's a raise you can give yourself any time you want to make more money.


It’s a raise you give yourself over and over again.

It's a raise nobody can take away from you.

And I highly, highly suggest that you do use my strategy to constantly upgrade the amount of money you're making.


For example, one of the affiliate programs I started making just $500 a month with grew to a monstrous $225,622.31 within just the same year!



(I will even show you exactly how I did it in the member's area...)


So don't get stuck in the trap of getting comfortable at just $10,000 per month.

You might think want consistent income like that…

Yet what you might not realize is that consistent, increasing income isn’t just nice, it’s a necessity.

Because if you think financial independence means just earning enough to retire - think again.


One of my heroes, Andrew Carnegie knew that you need to make a LOT more money than you think, and you need to keep it handy.


Because when not if, the economy goes through chaos…


It’s the folks with cash-on-hand who can buy the property, the stable businesses, and the luxury goods that will multiply in value as the economy rebounds.


So because being a Super Affiliate allows you to generate massive paychecks quickly, you’ll be in the perfect position to profit no matter what happens to everyone else.


And think about my young friend Aaron...


His brush with disaster taught him another good lesson. Sometimes terrible things happen to good people. When disaster strikes, you can spend years trying to rebuild - or you can just cut a check and rebuild.


When you start to see the world through the eyes of a Super Affiliate, you’ll realize just how lucky you are to have escaped the rat-race…


Most people can’t do what we do.


Most people will never be able to profit massively during an economic crisis...


Most people will never be able to earn this much pure profit so consistently…



Super affiliates can do exactly that.


There’s no limit to how much you can earn when you don’t have to focus on a product, customer service, insurance, and all the other expenses that “normal businesses” need…


So now it’s time to choose.


You can continue to search…


You can leave this page, wondering if I’m “legit”.


You can try the sales gimmicks on Twitter and the expensive Facebook strategies that never seem to quite pan out.


You can buy the courses, and seminars, and “how to” information that leaves you with more questions than answers.




You can work with me directly, like I worked with Aaron.


You can get coached by me every month - and get specific answers to your questions…


You can follow a proven system...


Where I give you proven templates that give you the list of people who you’ll use to drive massive numbers of sales…


Emails that grab attention and make people want to buy from the offers you recommend…


Software that guarantees you’ll never have to touch a line of HTML, CSS, PHP, or do any other “tech stuff”.


I’ll even make this as simple as it gets:


I'll give you a completely turnkey super affiliate business worth $1,497.00 for FREE...


And your business has the real potential to make thousands of dollars in commissions per day on complete autopilot!



Your business will be finished, by me, following my exact methodologies - so you don’t have to lift a finger.


If you want to go into a new market, you’ll get my personal page-building software that customizes your pages so you can strike while the iron is hot.


I will invite you into my inner circle, and give you access to our private online mastermind group.


That means you’ll have a supportive group of like minded individuals to support you, help you, and give you a leg up any time you need it.


I will personally make sure you never feel confused or stuck, because I’ll give you the same kind of quality training videos we use to get new employees up to speed in under two hours...


On top of ongoing support to make sure you always get help when you need it.


Sound good? (It should ;-) If so…



If you need to know more, I understand.


Here’s the detailed list of everything you’re getting when you become one of my newest VIP members...


This is an exclusive video series and secret manual that shows you exactly how to get started.


This is your quickstart training - it gives you my proprietary, patented strategies and methods. Since I’m opening up completely in the videos and manual, they are legally protected.


I wouldn’t normally put my secrets out in the open like this, but what we’ll go over in this blueprint will help you thrive fast, and get real cash from your new Super Affiliate website in 3 days or less.


Keep in mind, this is MANDATORY VIEWING. You absolutely need to get up to speed on all this before we have our first coaching call together.


(Value $1,997.00)



When you work with me, I make sure that you’re covered, no matter what.


You’ll have direct access to me and my team 24/7/365.


Just drop us an email anytime you get stuck, and we’ll get you un-stuck. We’re here to answer your questions, help you grow your business, and support you in any way we can.


When you work with me, you’re family.


(Value: $1,500.00)



What if you could be a fly on the wall as Super Affiliates traded secrets, set up deals with each other, and shared critical insights with one another?


What if that Super Affiliate group was hidden in plain sight - like an invite-only poker club hidden below a laundromat?


Well...that group exists…and you’re about to get an invite.

(Value: $2,000.00)



I’m going to do for you what I did for Aaron...

I’m building you a proven "done for you" turnkey super affiliate business that cranks out super affiliate commissions for you FAST.


You’re getting everything - just like I did for him - including the exact website, elements, email campaigns, copy and designs you need to make a fortune with...


...All completely DONE FOR YOU!


This normally costs $1,497.00 but it's yours free today as a member...


You'll own this business and keep all the profits you make from it as long as you're a VIP member (no one else will do this for you...)


(Value: $1,497.00)



The top Super Affiliates know that when an opportunity arises, the first to seize it will make an obscene fortune overnight.


The problem is, if you don’t have a web designer and tech guy on hand, there’s no WAY you can set up a website to cash in.


That’s why I’m giving you my personal proprietary secret Super Affiliate software that creates your entire business and website in MINUTES...


Without you having to code anything or do any tech stuff!


Just click, publish and profit. Simple.


(Value: $1,997.00/year)


Now on top of everything you're already getting as a VIP member, you also get a...




That's right, I won't just leave you hanging with this new business you've got - instead you get to profit right now...


I'll hand you a built-in passive income system to instantly fire up your first super affiliate money gusher.

If you're new to super affiliate marketing, you might not realize that making huge cash windfalls on a product promotion isn't all that hard to do...

Once you have a going business, all you do is fire off an email to your list and watch the money roll in - on demand every time. And you'll be taught exactly how to do that anyway with this membership.

With an in-demand and TOP-NOTCH membership like Super Affiliates, all you do is promote it once and make PASSIVE income automatically each month.

When your referrals sign up, you get paid residual income monthly for as long as they stay members. And with a quality website like Super Affiliates...

Trust me - this is the EASIEST and most no-brainer money-making program EVER.

Super Affiliates VIP Membership is a surefire hot-seller, and you'll get everything you need to make the cash and you even get trained step-by-step to profit as a member yourself.

Plus ONLY you as an esteemed member will get exclusive access to members-only affiliate tools that nobody else can use. This makes everything so simple and easy for you to make "hands-free" income...

So don't delay because every second you do so is like "lost" income to you...




What You Get Your Benefits
Complete Commission Blueprint Step-by-step top secret blueprint to get your super affiliate business up and running quickly and matter where you're starting from.
Mentoring And Support

Just drop us an email anytime you get stuck, and we’ll get you un-stuck. We’re here to answer your questions, help you grow your business, and support you in any way we can.

Super Affiliate Mastermind Insider mastermind group where you meet, network and work with other super affiliates around the world!

Super Affiliate Business

Your own proven "done for you" turnkey super affiliate business that cranks out commissions FAST.
Super Affiliate Software

You get my personal proprietary secret Super Affiliate software that creates your entire business and website in MINUTES...without you having to code anything or do any tech stuff! Just click, publish and profit. Simple.

Built-In Passive Income

Your built-in monthly passive income stream, and full access to members-only promotional tools so you can get a head start on the competition.


TOTAL GRAND VALUE = $8,991.00!


Your Investment = $397.00 Per Month


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Current Price:


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Next 100... $97.00/Month
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After That... $397.00/Month


Price Today: $397.00 $297.00 $197.00 $97.00


Today Only: $37/Month (Launch Discount)



Don't pass out on me. That's not a typo. But...

There are two big catches. And I'm doing this to keep people from distracting us as a group so that we can maximize your income.

1. You reserve your spot for as long as you're a member - if you drop out, you may not be able to get back in.


Don't just "try it out" unless you're serious. You have my personal guarantee behind you if you change your mind, but be willing to commit before you sign up. You can cancel anytime.

2. The price will go up to $397.00 per month soon. This is not just an idle threat. This membership is way under priced as I want it to be a special deal for people who really need it.


If you reserve your place now, you'll not only secure the lowest price for your membership, but you'll also be protected against any future price increase.


You can get in immediately for less than what you pay for your cell phone before the price goes up...


(I reserve the right to end this discount at anytime without warning.)


You’re Not Just Getting Me As Your Coach...



You’re never going to find an all-access VIP pass like this anywhere else.


I’m doing this because I think you deserve better - and I can’t see the current Internet Marketing world going anywhere but DOWN.


The “gurus” are out of control.


The constant product launches are siphoning off money from folks like you who should be using every penny you have to get your online business to a point of profitability.


Too many people are wasting their last $997 on the latest fad - when they don’t even have an email list they can market to or an offer they can promote.


I’m giving you all of it on a silver platter because you deserve better, and because (unlike many of the other gurus) - I don’t need to charge a ton in order to pay my bills on time.


I’ve got money. I have plenty of money.


If you chip in a small $397.00 $297.00 $197.00 $97.00 $37/month now, you become part of my family.


And I take care of family first.


When you’re in my inner circle…


Test out my coaching, my software, and the online business I’ll build for you.


Let it run for 8 weeks or less.


If by the end of those 8 weeks, you aren’t earning what you hoped for...Then I’ll return your money with no BS, no hassles and no hard feelings. (What that means is that if you’re not 100% thrilled, you get your money back - even if your new website is earning a lot for you every day!)


Let Me Make This Clear:


I’m Giving You 110% Effort. I’m Helping You Create Massive Wealth From Your New Business.


I’m Holding Nothing Back When I Coach You...



I know there are a lot of professional “coaches” out there.


The thing that sets me apart is that I am not a coach per se. I am an entrepreneur. I actually run businesses every day.


I do what I teach -  so I can’t sign on to coach an endless number of future Super Affiliates.


I can accept a group of 500 right now - and then we’ll see if I can accept another in the future.


So if you leave this page now, you risk:

1) Missing out on a chance to train with me and learn the strategies I’ve relied on to become (and remain) "The World's #1 Super Affiliate".


2) Never seeing the landslide of money you can easily extract from a simple recommendation.


3) And you risk missing the chance to get the Super Affiliate business you need to break free of your current income limits.




Most people plod along and accept their life.


Deep down, they may truly wish things were better…


But when you don’t have an opportunity to multiply your wealth…


To make money on demand…


To get paid every month for something you did a year ago…


When you don’t live the lifestyle of a Super Affiliate, it’s hard to believe that things can be dramatically better than they are right now.

You may have these deep desires yourself…

You may wish for a bigger house, a nicer car, a vacation with the people you love, financial freedom, security, independence…


And you may have a little voice in the back of your head telling you that:

“I can wait until my car breaks down to figure out how I’ll get a new one”


“I can stay at this job, even though it doesn’t pay well, because I might get a raise if I can prove myself..”



“I don’t need a fancy house - I wouldn’t want an indoor pool anyway”


Or the worst of all:


“When I win the lottery, I’ll….


Those voices exist for a reason.


They help to keep you sane.


Because when you deeply WANT something, yet you can’t even imagine how you’d get it…

It’s like an itch, buried deep under your skin.


The problem day, you’re going to realize that doing nothing….



Denying your desires…


You’ll realize that none of those things help you get closer to the life you truly desire and deserve.


In fact, they keep you at arm’s length.


Those voices prevent a better future.


And so does the voice that says “I’ll do this tomorrow”.


So take my word for it -

As a guy who’s had to confront those voices many times…


It’s so much better when you say “I’m going for it - and I’m doing it right now.”


I look forward to working with you.


Click here now to join me...



I'll see you in the member's area...


To Your Super Affiliate Success!



PS. Check out this email I just got from a longtime friend who owns multiple million dollar businesses...


“Can I Send You $1,000?”

“Hey dude - I need to get your SA training for my affiliate team - but I’ve got so many subscriptions it’s driving me nuts.

Half of  it is for stuff I don’t even remember buying! Seriously, I'm spending thousands every month on stuff I don't need - it's insane.

Can I just PayPal you $1,000 for the training and skip all the support and coaching?

Thanks man, hope you and the fam are doing awesome.

And here’s my response:

“Sorry , I have to turn down your generous offer.

Also, I’m going to be a little tough on you - because I know you and you should understand much better than this.

Remember what Dave said at last month’s mastermind?

“The monthly charge isn’t for the training, it’s for speed.”

You can go the slow way that wastes your time, or the fast way that leverages mine.

Your choice.

But you should choose to let me train your team.

They will get stuck. They will run into problems. It’s just part of making money online. You know this better than most people.

Now, you could do all the work...

Answer all of their questions...

Get them unstuck...

Solve their problems…

Or, you can let me and my team do that.

Dude, you’re one of the highest paid guys I know.

...Are you really going to spend an hour or so a day solving problems and coaching your team (which is at least $15,000 of your time)...

Or do you want to spend $1.23 per day, and have me and my team take all the questions and get your affiliate program up and cranking for you.

the money you'll be making will make that $1.23 per day look like chump change, and I think you know this.

You know I respect you, so respect yourself, and your time.

Let me train your team. They'll get the same high-touch support I give all my students, and you know I'll get you profitable fast ;-)








Is this for newbies or experienced marketers, how will I benefit?

This is perfect for ANYONE, regardless of experience or skill levels. Everything is clearly explained and you'll be guided in a step-by-step fashion.


Even if you're a complete beginner, you'll get results as long as you're willing to treat this like a real business, put in the right effort and stay committed to your success.


Remember, you're getting coached personally by the "World's #1 Super Affiliate" PLUS getting your super affiliate business built for you...


So if you want the PROVEN way to make real money online from affiliate marketing, this is your best choice.

Does this work in any niche or industry?

Yes of course, the strategies and methods you'll learn are universal and apply to all niches and industries. Ewen uses the same system to profit from many different niches online...and so can you!


Does this work on windows and mac?

Both. This is a global online membership that just requires an internet connection, regardless of where you are in the world. The strategies and methods you learn also work universally so you can do this ANYWHERE.

How can I get started, I don't know anything.

The best way is to follow the STEP-BY-STEP proven blueprint and training in the member's area. We'll also be guiding you every step of the way.


"Not knowing anything" now is actually GREAT as you'll be learning the correct system and setting the right foundation.

Will I really get everything to make money as a super affiliate in just this ONE membership?

Absolutely! Ewen created this exclusive membership to be the internet's MOST COMPLETE and ULTIMATE resource for super affiliate marketing.


You get real coaching, training, tools, support and software...ALL-IN-ONE convenient member's area!


Is this a "get rich quick" or "pyramid" scheme?

No way! Not at all. This is an exclusive (but limited) membership that gives you the real coaching, training, support and more you can use to build a REAL BUSINESS online...


All based on Ewen's credibility and years and years of "in the trenches" experience on the internet.


How fast can I see results with this membership?

As fast as you can start to take action. This can be immediate, a few days or weeks, depending on your own approach. We also build you a money-making super affiliate website to get you started successfully.


Why do I need to invest a monthly fee?

Because then you can be continuously coached and guided to make more money every month. You'll also be given all the tools and software necessary to become successful. This is a small investment to build your own business and you can also cancel anytime with no obligations or hurt feelings.


Does this come with a money back guarantee?

Yes, you have 8 full weeks to try everything and if you're ever unhappy, you can get all your money back by sending us an email at support @ (remove spaces)!

Why is there a limit to the numbers of members you can take in?

Because we provide real coaching and training to you, apart from everything else you get as a VIP member.


This takes time and effort and we can only take in a limited number of members before closing access permanently. Take action now before the door closes forever...






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